Welcome to TruLUCK Charms

You’re buying into me as an artist and my last name is on the company. But this is a collective ideal. This is Our legacy. Not just the TruLUCK legacy. 

I value Black ownership. I value placing value on Black people. I value not devaluing ANY people. I value killing mindsets that devalue people. I value showing people the value I see in them and helping them see the value in themselves.  

TruLUCK Charms is a collective. I value community. I would’ve never made it without an intentional village investing in me along the journey. I believe in paying it forward. I believe in circulating my dollars through the village. I believe in lifting as I climb.

I’m building a community for we. Some may think it’s too idyllic but I’m certain we can build nations and heal generations, together.

I value family. Welcome, family.

Here is a list of what I trust are our shared values. Basically the “TruLUCK Family Jewels”. I hope you find some gems and share them.

Worth over Wealth

Your value isn’t based in riches. Be rich in Spirit. Embody Love.

Believe in the “Art of the Possible”

Hold onto your dreams. You have the power to create the life you want. As you speak it, it gets written. Create as you speak and act.

Lift as you climb

Anchor yourself in your community and you will not be swayed by the tides of discouragement. Build with like-minded people. Help raise collective consciousness. Be a nation builder. As you ascend, never forget to reach back for those still accelerating along their journey.

Continuous Improvement

Art is never finished, it is simply abandoned. Lifelong learning. Iron sharpening iron. There is always a way to continue to improve and build upon that which exists. Leave it better than you found it.

Never make long term decisions based on short term feelings

Know if the juice is worth the squeeze. Temper yourself and search your purpose and make decisions aligned to that long term goal, not your momentary emotions. You are living today as someone’s future ancestor, move with that awareness. Be vulnerable and embrace your emotions. Let the emotions of the moment expose the depths of what you want long term and craft a plan to attain it.

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