Refund Black America Hoodie


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Hello, is this America customer service?

Good. We’ve called the right place. We’d like to check the status of our refund. It has been over 300 business years and what we’re owed has yet to return to our card.¬†

Pay what you owe. And yes, you can put it directly in the pocket where the message is printed.



Custom sewn. Medium weight cotton French Terry pullover hoodie. Complete with embroidery and chenille detail.

Front: Custom embroidered “Monopoly Brother” with chenille mustache detail. “Refund BLACK America” printed on kangaroo pocket with 3M reflective detail.

Back: 3M reflective “Worth over Wealth” detail.

Left Sleeve: Embroidered Pan-African flag.

Right Sleeve: (3) Rich N. Spirit coins with 3M reflective details.

Metal tipped drawstrings.


-Standard fit. We suggest buying the same size you would buy in hoodies from sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, etc.

-This is a men’s hoodie. Ladies, purchase the size you would normally purchase (or “borrow” from the closet of a given male) in a men’s hoodie.

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