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I’ve never been afraid to sing for my supper. There’s a difference between someone taking advantage of you and you paying dues. You have to work for it to show you want it.

A letter from Zan:

You’ve been working hard. Only you and the Lord know how hard you’ve worked and what promise fulfilled looks like for you. You’ve been planting seeds and it’s your time to reap. So as we close out this summer season and look toward the season of harvest, thank God for the fertile soil on which you work. Keep going. I promise it’s coming. Not money back guarantee promise, but just trust it. You don’t have to trust me, trust God. May anyone who wears this shirt be wrapped in the embrace of your purpose here on this planet. Wear it in good health. 

P.S. –  I had a bunch of rap lyrics and a Jamie Foxx reference to offer but the Spirit led me in another direction?


Extremely limited availability. The artist will only create 15 of these shirts in total.

Each shirt is custom made to order and may take 2 weeks before shipping. These custom issued orders are for those who specifically want the “3” custom painted into their clothing denoting their entry into their harvest season. 

**Please allow 2-3 weeks from order for delivery due to the time required for the customization process**

**Due to the customization of each item you item will not be exactly as pictured. Meaning your 3 will slightly vary from others**


-5.6oz heavyweight 100% pre-shrunk cotton. (refer to detail image of the fabric for quality of the shirt construction)

-Side seams. Relaxed fit. Drop Shoulder

-Screen print front/back image.

-Hand painted “3” on the back. No 2 shirts are alike.

Front Graphic: “Jingles 2000”

Back Graphic: “5 Beats a Day/3 Summers” with large “3” painted into the fabric.


All screen printed images are original artwork by Zan Truluck. Custom hand painted by Zan Truluck.

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